Science Fiction from Social Movements An anthology of visionary science fiction and
speculative fiction written by organizers and activists.

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(Re)Writing the Future: Social Justice and Science Fiction

Roughly 100 people packed into the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland on December 5th, excited to spend their Friday night talking about science fiction. For the event, (Re)Writing the Future: Social Justice and Science Fiction, I moderated a conversation between Grace Dillon, an Indigenous Studies professor who edited the first-ever book of Indigenous science fiction stories, and Walidah Imarisha, a Black Studies scholar who is also co-editing the upcoming collection of science fiction by activists, Octavia’s Brood.  I loved talking to Imarisha for our recent feminism and sci-fi podcast, so I was excited to talk with her in front of a live audience.

In the second half of the night, Dillon and Imarisha led the crowd in a writing exercise: everyone wrote one page of an encyclopedia that would come out in 2070. This futuristic Peoples’ Encyclopedia offered a look back on current realities like prison policies, border disputes, and Ferguson. The encyclopedia was printed on the spot and stapled together as a zine, while participants also printed their own posters bearing a quote from science fiction author Octavia Butler (above).

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